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Our resource center is a perfect spot to find information on plants, furniture, gardening, seasonal care, home & gift care and so much more.
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Garden Resource Center
Information & Links for Garden & Green Good related areas:

Lakeland Gardeners, Contact Linda Kozisek - (715)356-9490
Wilderness Garden Club

Planting & Forcing Spring Bulbs

Make your Own Moss

Deer Resistant Plant Guide
Perennial Planting Guide 101

Apple Tree Faqs

Hydrangea Care
Planting Trees

Fertilizing Trees & Shrubs

Pruning Deciduous Trees
Caring for Deciduous Shrubs

How to Prune Evergreens

Pruning Deciduous Shrubs
Mulch Benefits

Drought and Watering

How & When to Prune Old Lilacs

Fall Fertilizing - Gardens

Fall Fertilizing - Lawns
Windchime Care Guide


USDA 2012 Hardiness Zone US Map Hummingbird Nectar Recipe & Hints  

Gift & Home Resource Center
Information & Links for products in our Home & Gift areas:
How to clean my Vera Bradley purse?
How does my Novo clasp work?
How to care for my outdoor wood carving?
Can my Tervis Tumbler go in the microwave or dishwasher?

Outdoor & Patio Furniture Resource Center

How to restore my weathered Jensen Leisure Furniture.